CEU Workshop: Who Ruffles Your Feathers? Dealing with Difficult People

Do you ever wonder if a co-worker or your spouse is from another planet? How irritated do you get when a client shows up 30 minutes late for an appointment one more time? Do you get frustrated when a task you find so difficult is easy for a co-worker or family member? The knowledge we have about the brain and its natural tendency toward having a “dominance” suggests that by understanding these intricacies, we each can assume a new perspective on the work we do, the people we serve, and the elements that create stress in our lives. Gaining this understanding can help improve our acceptance of work and colleagues that in turn makes for less-stressful and more enjoyable days.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify basic characteristics described in the four-quadrant brain model.
  • Discuss this relationship to one’s own and others’ ability to accomplish certain tasks.
  • Relate different thinking patterns to incidents of personal and/or professional frustrations.
  • Correlate various quadrant characteristics with the creative problem solving process.

Presenter: Marcella Balin, RN, BSN. Ms. Balin earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from Wright State University and began her career in Brooklyn, NY, before moving to an educational role. She shares 41 years of experience as an independent nurse entrepreneur and lecturer in human and organizational development. She devotes her career to communicating acquired knowledge and lessons to help professionals succeed in their roles.

3.0 Continuing Education Credits for social workers. Workshop cost is $40 for CEUS/$20 if you don’t want CEUs.

Note: The Ohio Board of Nursing accepts events approved for counselors and social workers for continuing nursing education.

Registration by July 7 is requested. Click here for more information and the brochure.

Please contact Kelsey Haus, Communications & Training Coordinator, at (937) 341-3020 or khaus@info4seniors.org with questions or to confirm receipt of your registration.

Date: July 13, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Online via Zoom. The link will be sent the day before the workshop.

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