Workforce Shortage Initiative

PERSONAL CARE AIDE WORKFORCE SHORTAGE: A number of the older adults across Ohio needing help in order to live safely and comfortably in their own homes (and avoid the necessity of moving to a senior nursing facility) are currently unable to get the home health services they need because of a shortage of personal care aides. Unfortunately, older adults in our nine-county area in West Central Ohio are not immune to this shortage, and we have seen the effects of this shortage in personal care aides increase over the last few years. Dr. Kathy Stevens, a Del Mar Encore Fellow with The Dayton Foundation, initiated the #OHIOSTRONGPCATRAINING program through the Agency on Aging, PSA2 in 2020 to help address this shortfall by offering free CNA Training. The Area Agency on Aging, PSA2 now continues her work. HELP CONTINUES TO BE NEEDED!!! If you are interested in working in home health care, are compassionate and want to make a big difference in someone’s life, please know there are many home care provider agencies currently hiring personal care aides. For more information and an application for the Agency’s free training program, please contact Sarah McKibbin, Provider Relations Administrator, at pcatrainingprogram@info4seniors.org or call 937-341-6942.

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Click here to read Dr. Stevens’ full report on her three-year study of local impact of this Workforce Shortage, including recommendations for state and local action. (An abstract of the report is available here). Learn more about Agency Advocacy here.