Age Your Way During Older Americans Month

The month of May is dedicated to honoring the older adults in our communities through the celebration of Older Americans Month. Older Americans Month is a time to recognize the impact of our older citizens on our community as well as the resources, services and individuals that exist to support the aging process including senior center staff, home health care workers, family caregivers, advocates and volunteers among many others.

As stated by the director of the Ohio Department of Aging, Ursel J. McElroy, “We all have a role in ensuring that everyone has the ability to age with grace and dignity in the settings of our choosing, and with rich and meaningful opportunities to contribute and thrive. It’s not just about increasing the years we have, but also increasing the quality of those years.”

The Administration for Community Living leads the observance of Older Americans Month and establishes a theme for each year. Recognizing that each individual’s life and the aging process will be different, the 2022 theme is Age Your Way. While aging your way will be different for each person, here are some things to get you started:

  • Plan: Think about what you will need and want in the future and explore the options available to you.
  • Engage: Remain involved in your community through recreation, work, volunteer, or civic participation opportunities.
  • Be safe at home:  Create a safe living environment to ensure longevity in the home by making home improvements and modifications, using assistive technologies and accessing caregiver resources.
  • Stay healthy: Build a healthy lifestyle through movement, creating healthy eating habits and managing chronic health conditions.
  • Connect: Combat social isolation by joining a local senior center, volunteering for causes you are passionate about, and staying socially and physically involved in the community.

Explore information to help age your way on the Ohio Department of Aging’s website, www.aging.ohio.gov and call 937-223-HELP to learn more about what local services and resources the Area Agency on Aging offers or visit www.info4seniors.org.