Take Steps for Falls Prevention Month

September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month to increase recognition about older-adult falls and how to minimize the risks. Despite popular opinion, falls are not an automatic accessory to mature years. There are actions everyone can take to add safety to their homes and communities, learn to identify and reduce risks such as loose rugs and high shelves, and exercises to help maintain and increase core and lower-body strength.

Falls Prevention Week is Sept. 18-24 and Falls Prevention Day is Sept. 22. Plan to walk a mile and post a photo doing so with the hashtags #10MStepsOH and #PreventFalls to be included in the Ohio Department of Aging’s (ODA) statewide total toward the goal of 10 Million Steps. Ohioans are also asked to consider joining or organizing their own walking group, or view short falls prevention information videos available on the ODA website.

Get started by taking this Falls Free CheckUp from the National Council on Aging.

Click on the links below for additional helpful and authoritative falls prevention information from:

The ODA 10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls campaign.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The National Council on Aging.