Caregiver Tea Promotes Importance of Respite

October 20, 2015

Respite – the chance to take a breather, the opportunity to reenergize – is as important as any other item on a caregiver’s to-do list. People think of respite as a luxury, but considering caregivers’ increased risk for health issues from chronic stress, those risks are a lot costlier than some time away to recharge.  Respite is the key to well-being.  Respite protects health, strengthens family relationships, prevents burn-out, and allows a loved one to stay at home up to three times longer.  However, the busy caregiver sometimes cannot imagine finding that respite time and is unaware of services available to assist them in making respite a priority.

Next month is National Family Caregivers Month and the Area Agency on Aging is hosting a Caregiver Tea on November 12 to provide both a short respite and information about programs that can help caregivers take that important respite time,

Let’s encourage the family caregivers in our lives to include respite on their to-do lists and to register to attend the Caregiver Tea on November 12.

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