Time to Review Your Medicare Coverage

October 21, 2015

Every year from October 15 until December 7, Medicare beneficiaries are able to change their choices for Part D (prescription drug) coverage, enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, change Medigap plans, and/or change Medicare Advantage plans.


Did you look at the annual notice from the company that is supplying your coverage, or at least your Annual Notice of Change? Is the plan premium going up? What about the deductible? When you opened your packet, did the company add another “tier” to the generic drugs? What did you pay in copays this year? Were there unexpected expenses that the plan did NOT pay, and are they likely to recur?


It is wise to ask these and many other questions every year. But if you haven’t reassessed in a few years, you definitely need to think about having a Medicare “check-up.”

  • Attend a Medicare Check-up Day event.
  • Contact the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program at 800-686-1578.
  • Use the National Council on Aging’s Medicare Mini-Check tool.  Answer the four simple questions on this assessment tool and then see what next steps and resources are recommended for your particular Medicare situation. The tool will also help you access free professional advice about Open Enrollment from a licensed benefits advisor.
  • Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227), Medicare’s toll-free number, but be prepared to wait. You might want to try calling during “off hours.”


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