The Dayton Art Institute – Pondering the Mystery of Late Life

The Dayton Art Institute is featuring a special art exhibit highlighting the aging process and our associated feelings. This exhibit will assist viewers in exploring their feelings associated with aging changes related to our bodies, minds and relationships with others and how that impacts our identities, our understanding of ourselves and how we evaluate our lives.

Peter Doebler and Simone Holder-Nelson

Simone Holder-Nelson, Business Opportunities Manager from the Area Agency on Aging, and Peter Doebler, Kettering Curator of Asian Art from The Dayton Art Institute, discussed art, aging and well-being through the exhibition “Pondering the Mystery of Late Life.” on May 25, 2023. The exhibit will be available at The Dayton Art Institute until June 25. Learn more here. https://www.daytonartinstitute.org/…/pondering-the…/