Healthy Living for a Lifetime

You’ll thank yourself later for signing up for a free Healthy Living workshop today! Developed by Stanford University, continually reviewed and updated by medical professionals through the Self-Management Resource Center, these workshops provide: The time, information, and encouragement toward incorporating habits that contribute toward healthier and happier days in improved sleep, communications, pain or stress management, nutrition, activity level, and more.

The Agency offers three different topics that meet weekly for six weeks. Each week discusses new information so no worries if you can’t attend every session. Recently updated materials are provided for free, and mailed directly to your home if registered for a phone group. Note that no internet or smartphone is required for the phone groups – just call in and learn new things! See the Agency’s Wellness Calendar for upcoming workshops. Sign up with friends or make new ones through the workshops!

New workshops – both phone groups and in-person – start in September. If registering for a September phone group, please call by Sept. 2 to receive the materials beforehand. Call 937-341-3001 for information or to register.