Keep Seniors Safe & Sound

November 16, 2015

Did you know that older Ohioans are at a greater risk for fire fatalities than the rest of the population?  While they make up about 14 percent of our population, older adults account for more than 39 percent of fire-related deaths in Ohio.


The Ohio Department of Aging has partnered with the State Fire Marshal, local fire departments, and others on a campaign this fall and winter called Safe & Sound.  The campaign is designed to educate all Ohioans on how to prevent and prepare for fires, especially those caused by heating sources during the winter months.


Safe & Sound has two main points. “Safe” reminds us to take safety measures such as following manufacturer’s instructions on heating and electrical equipment, keeping flammable items away from heat sources, and checking your home for fire risks. “Sound” represents the phrase “sound the alarm” and reminds us to have working smoke detectors in our homes and a plan to escape in the event of a fire.


Visit the State Fire Marshall’s website to find tips to prepare for a fire and help prevent one from starting.  In addition, read our news article about the home energy assistance programs that may help you avoid a fire caused by improper heating of your home.

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