Health Workshops Starting

January 5, 2022

There are only a few spaces left – sign up today! The Agency offers six-week workshops to help adults better manage chronic pain, diabetes/pre-diabetes, and chronic health conditions in general. These evidence-based workshops are consistently monitored and updated by the Self Management Resource Center, ensuring the quality of information and presentation on topics including communicating with health professionals; strategies to improve sleep, eating habits and physical activity; managing medications and pain; setting and achieving goals; and much more.

Workshops are currently offered as phone discussion groups or online via Zoom so attended from the comfort of home. These workshops are excellent for adults living with pain, diabetes or pre-diabetes, and chronic health conditions themselves and/or for their loved ones helping to care for them. Workshop registrants receive materials mailed to their homes including the newly updated Living a Healthy Live with Chronic Disease book and booklet, plus cds on relaxation and exercise. See more information and registration for workshops starting the weeks of January 25 and February 1 on our Wellness Programming calendar.

Read some testimonials from 2021 workshop participants:

This workshop has jumpstarted and refocused my thinking around adjusting my lifestyle with healthier decision-making (diet, exercise, stress), especially as I age. Through this process, I have become more mindful of the choices I make and the factors that are in my sphere of control. As well as how these choices and decisions will impact my long-term quality-of-life. I am grateful to have been a member of this group and plan to maintain a healthier me!

These tools are an invaluable resource to refer to well into the remainder of my life!  What a freeing thought.  That leaves the future looking really bright. 

Our teacher allowed time to talk about ourselves and our action plans. We could also review our previous week with each other. It was a structured AND informal class where we discussed our personal plans for doing things to help ourselves. It was nice to have the instruction of the teacher and the support of my classmates.

For more information, please contact or call 937-341-3001.

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